You will need
    • 500 g apricots;
    • 500 g plums;
    • 1 liter of water;
    • 200-400 grams of sugar.
Collect for canning a little immature apricots: soft fruit during sterilization mushy and shrivel, and the syrup becomes cloudy, and overall, the compote looks unpresentable. But quite immature fruit with greenish too, not worth taking, since the compote will not get the desired flavor and aroma. The flesh should be firm, but not rude.
Choose for fleshy fruit compote, large or medium size plums from small easily separated bone. It is desirable that the fruits were the same size and color and degree of maturity.
Thoroughly rinse apricots under running water and divide into halves, removing seeds. So they are not darkened in the air, keep them in cold water until packing into tins. Wash the plums, cut each in half and remove the pits.
Then prepare jars for canning compote: wash with baking soda and rinse. Sterilize them over steam or in a heated oven in this case is not necessary.
Lay halves of apricots and plums slices down to the banks about the shoulders. Then split 5-8 apricot kernel, remove the kernel and add them to the jars with fruit. It is necessary to give the compote a special flavor.
Prepare the fill for the compote: heat in a pan the water and add the sugar and on low heat stir it until dissolved. Bring the syrup to a boil, remove from heat and strain through cheesecloth or a fine sieve to clear it from the fine sediment that sometimes occur in the sugar sand. Pour the apricots and plums in jars of syrup so that it completely covers them. Otherwise, when sterilization apricots will darken and become disheveled.
Cover the jars and sterilize for next time: when capacity ½ l – 10 minutes, 1 l – 12 to 15 minutes, 2-3 l 30-35 minutes. Then banks hermetically ocuparte and put upside down . If possible, try to quickly cool the compote to the fruit softened and lost its elasticity, and remove for storage in a cool place.