You will need
    • fruits or berries;
    • sugar or honey;
    • cloth;
    • knife;
    • measuring spoon;
    • pan;
    • plate.
Decide which fruits you want to cook the compote. If the drink is intended for a child, it is best to choose sweet fruits instead of sugar to add a small amount of honey. If the compote will drink adults – nice to put on a few grams of spices. Peaches and apricots are perfectly combined with green cardamom, Apple compote , it is recommended to put a couple of clove buds and a few peas allspice, compote of cherries even more "open" flavor when you add a couple of Bay leaves.
Purchase all the necessary ingredients. When choosing fruits, choose fruits with uniform color and size, typical for the species. Neither too large nor too small fruit for the compoteand not worth taking. The same applies to unripe or overripe fruits. Remember that (with rare exceptions) a good drink can be prepared only from high quality components. Another tip: try not to buy fruit of dubious origin. For example, in apples collected near busy highways or industrial zones, nothing useful will not.
Inspect the house fruits and berries, and remove any rotten spots. Rinse the fruits under running cold water, dry on paper or cloth towel as an option – spread on a clean cloth towel for natural dry. Remove seeds, seed, nests, etc. can only be once on the surface of the fruit left moisture. Large fruit certainly cut, small can be left whole.
Put fruit in an enamel saucepan, cover with cold water, and add sugar and spices to taste. Typically every kilogram of stone fruit (cherries, plums) recommended 2-3 tbsp sugar, for pome fruits (apples, pears, quince) bookmark sugar can be increased by 50 percent. If you have decided to make a compote with honey, sugar to put need not, and honey - put for 3-5 min. before the end of cooking. Simmer the compote for at least 10 minutes after the start of boiling. Then remove from heat and let it infuse in a tightly sealed container until cool.