The Issuer should be the decision on issue of securities – actions of the enterprise. This is a separate document which establishes those property rights that the Issuer provides to each share. This document should be taken with the establishment of the joint stock company, changing its share capital by additional issue of shares or change their par value. The decision is taken also when converting some securities into other, consolidation or splitting of securities, and in the case of issue of bonds. Approve the decision by the Board of Directors not later than six months after its adoption.
The next stage of the state registration of the shares. It is the registration approved by the Board of Directors decision on share issue prospectus (if necessary) and themselves securities. The period during which you must provide the listed documents for registration, provided by law. A joint stock company must register the shares no later than 1 month from the date of its legal registration. The decision on state registration shall be made within 30 days after granting of documents in registering body.
Place of the action. The accommodation will be accepted only those securities that underwent state registration. In the case where the placement takes place by subscription or conversion into other securities of, make it in the time specified in the decision on issue of shares. It should not exceed 1 year from the date of state registration of the shares.
After completion of the share placement imagine a report about results of issue of securities. The location is considered completed after the designated time period, after 1 year elapsed since the date of state registration or from the date of the last transaction. Imagine a report to the Federal financial markets Service (FFMS) of the Russian Federation within 30 days after the final date of placement. The term of registration report of the FFMS – for two weeks.
After receipt of the registered report about results of issue of securities, placed by subscription, fill in the Charter changes that are associated with share capital increase at nominal value of those shares that were actually placed separately. Amendments to the Charter shall be made and when you increase or decrease the number of outstanding shares of the appropriate type. The basis for amending the Charter is the decision to increase share capital and registered in the FFMS of the Russian Federation the report on results of issue of securities.