If you still have access to the Internet via Dial-Up, make sure that your modem is designed for data transfer speed of 56 KB/s. If it is less, change the modem, or go to another connection method. Currently, almost every Russian region cellular operators has drastically reduced the subscription fee for unlimited access to the Internet, and an analog modem is now unprofitable.
If the city or locality where you reside, your mobile operator has introduced 3G equipment, but the speed of Internet access is not affected, so you have an older phone or modem without the support work in networks of the third generation. Change it, and at least for some base stations, the data transmission speed will increase dramatically. If your operator has not yet introduced 3G, ask, you have not done it the other operators in your area, and, if necessary, continue to use the services of one of them.Note, however, that at higher speeds you'll probably consume more traffic, and therefore go to a flat rate when possible. Also make sure that the access point (APN) is set correctly: not WAP but Internet.
Keep in mind that unlimited calling cellular operators have suggested a reduced access speed after a certain threshold is reached, the amount of transmitted and received data. After reaching this threshold, the data transfer is still not charged, but the speed is reduced, and is restored only when will come the next hour, day or month (depends on carrier). The amount of data after which speed is reduced depends on unlimited tariff. If you are willing to pay more, if only the speed is reduced less, change it. If you don't want to change the rate permanently, use the provide some paid options one-time renewal rate.
Look at the signal strength indicator located in one of the upper corners of your phone's display. If reception is unstable, the data transmission rate falls. Sometimes in order for the signal level has increased enough to move the camera just half a meter. If your phone supports connection of an external antenna, use this opportunity. There are also design parabolic reflectors for USB modems.
The speed of Internet access via ADSL or local network also depends on the tariff plan. Ask your ISP which of them corresponds to what bit-rate incoming and outgoing data. Select a tariff that suits you both in terms of price and speed. Ask about the ratio of speed and cost of access of other providers. If any of them is the best, in your opinion, option, change provider, but before that be sure to find and read reviews about it.
When accessed from the local network and when connecting to ADSL modem-router, it is possible that you do not use the maximum capabilities of your tariff plan for NIC. Check whether it is a 10-megabytes. If so, replace it with 100-megabyte.