Proper growth of the child is an important indicator that reflects the state of his health. Doctors advise parents to monitor the child's growth from the first year of life. It is necessary to write values to the graph. Any deviation from the norm can indicate a serious condition, which are, for example, human kidney, gastrointestinal tract, liver, bone, thyroid gland.

Warning signs include abdominal pain, diarrhea, and headaches. The symptoms may indicate a serious condition such as a brain tumor. These children are shown constant supervision from the doctor.

The mainstay of treatment is proper nutrition. In childhood the negative impact on the growth of the child can have malnutrition. But it is important not only the total amount of food, but also its composition. Children harmful a strict vegetarian diet that lacks high-quality animal protein, iron and calcium. Iron and calcium can be replaced by tablets. High-quality proteins from meat, eggs and milk can not be replaced.

The poor growth of the child is influenced by bad habits of the mother during pregnancy, especially alcohol, Smoking and drug use.

To whom should contact with this problem? It is recommended to consult a district pediatrician. He will direct the child to a thorough clinical examination in a specialized medical institution. The branch that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of growth disorders and other hormonal changes. With the continuing development of medicine in this field, doctors have learned more effective methods of treatment and can be proud of their achievements.