You will need
  • - antihistamines;
  • - compliance with rules of conduct on the ship;
  • - a positive attitude.
Often seasickness affects people with a weak vestibular apparatus. While on Board a moving ship, the vestibular system detects certain movement in that time, as muscles and joints remain stationary. This contradiction signals causes discomfort. There are cases of special individual predisposition to motion sickness.
In order to reduce the risk of motion sickness should observe some simple rules. First of all, avoid alcoholic and carbonated beverages. It is not necessary to set sail aboard on an empty stomach, but overeating before traveling is not recommended. In addition, people prone to sea sickness, you must comply with a certain position of the body on the ship. First of all, give preference to the place or cabin in the middle of the ship. It is not recommended to sit against the movement and also read. If you feel that you are beginning to rock, step onto the deck and focus on the horizon. Turn your head around and take a deep breath.
There are certain drugs that weaken the symptoms of the disease. You will come to the rescue antihistamine medication as well as tablets containing betahistine. To prevent motion sickness you can also use a special patch with scopolamine. The patch must be apply on the skin for a few hours before travel. However, please note that this tool is not recommended for elderly people and children.
It is also worth noting that very often motion sickness occurs for psychological reasons. People who suffered from motion sickness in the past, in advance of setting yourself up to suffering, that adversely affects the physical condition. To avoid this outcome, try to relax, chat with friends, take pictures and enjoy the journey.