Remember that often the dog swayed not so much due to problems with the vestibular apparatus, but because of the strong fear. Extraneous sounds, vibration motor, new and not always pleasant smells – all of this can scare the animal, and the stress will lead to the fact that it quickly makes me nauseous. To solve the problem, each time before the trip, let us pet some of his favorite treats. It is advisable to take short trips, moreover, would be especially good if someone from the owners at this time would be to sit with the dog to stroke and soothe her.
Try to go as carefully as you can and safer. Frequent turns, sudden braking, fast set speed – all this leads to the fact that the dog get carsick. If possible, try to choose a smooth road. If the animal has a weakened vestibular apparatus, it is not necessary to ride on the road – this will only aggravate the problem. By the way, this rule applies to puppies up to a year, because they are still strong enough physically and have a hard time with the trip.
Thoroughly ventilate the interior of the vehicle before a journey. During the trip, careful not to appear any further irritants: don't use flavorings, Smoking, loud music, screaming or talking in a raised voice.
Walk your dog before the trip, then don't feed her for at least 2-3 hours. The exception is a small number of special treats for training. Of course, it is important to ensure that the animal has access to fresh water. To ease the journey for the dog, keep the car Windows ajar or turn on the air conditioner. Heat may be an additional cause nausea.
During long trips, do not forget from time to time to stop, walk the dog, give her something to drink. If the animal is very nervous, you can give her a sedative. It is desirable to choose the tool, after consulting with a veterinarian.