To choose glasses for swimming should be given the size of the head. Now they are available in three sizes – kids, medium size for athletes with the head. If you visit the pool from time to time, swimming in it just for fun, buy ordinary Amateur goggles, appropriate to your size. They never have, as a rule, special anti-fog coating "antifog" and soft silicone gaskets that protect the skin around the eyes from pressure. But in order to delight and comfort to swim an hour and a half, it's not necessary.
Those for whom sports have become a regular, you should choose glasses for training. For points of this type coating "antifog" is necessarily the same as protecting the skin with a soft neoprene or silicone gaskets in those places where the glasses pressed against her. You can choose a training polycarbonate glasses with lenses large amount, which reduced the possibility of fogging.
Any goggles should provide an airtight seal. So they sat correctly, wear them to the area below the eyebrows. Adjustable elastic band must pass through the neck. If you tilt your head as if swimming, in the upper point. Glasses with adjustable width nose bridge will help you provide greater comfort in the water, especially if the distance between the pupils you have is markedly different from the standard.
People who have sensitive skin around the eyes, it is better to abandon glasses with silicone gasket – after 1-2 hours of sailing around the eyes may be traces which did not pass. Select glasses with a microporous pads, they will hold tightly also, if the rubber band to tighten a little harder. Traces around the eyes you will have, even if you will tread water for a long time.
Now you can buy goggles designed for people with impaired vision. Well-known firms can even offer lenses with different diopters for those who have they are different for right and left eyes.