You will need
  • - a metal rod with a diameter of 16-20 mm
  • - metal plate
  • cord white color
Professionally made basket consists of basketball hoops and nets. Ring design is clearly defined by the relevant rules of the game. The material for the ring is solid steel. The inner diameter of the ring is 45 cm circle should be orange color. The diameter of the rod, from where you have to make the ringshall be not less than 16 mm and not more than 20 mm.
The lower part of the basketball Hoop has a fixture for fixing the mesh. The design of such fixtures shall prevent injury to fingers.
A basketball net is attached to the ring in the twelve points around the perimeter of the ring. These points should be placed at an equal distance from each other. Mounting mesh must not have sharp edges or cracks where could get the fingers of the player.
Mount the ring to the structure supporting the basket, done in such a way that any force applied to the ring, could not be transferred directly to the shield. Direct contact between the ringm and the mounting device should not be. At the same time the clearance should be small enough so that fingers of the player could not hit him.
The upper edge of the ring is horizontal at a height of 3.05 m above the surface of the Playground. The ring should be equally removed from the vertical edges of the shield. The closest point of the inner surface of the ring is 15 cm from the front surface of the shield.
Not prohibited to use the depreciation of the basketball ring. It is equipped with an appropriate spring mechanism that allows the ring to deflect at a 30 degree angle and return to starting position.
A few words about the grid that you have to make complete with a basketball ringM. it can Produce white cord. It should be of a size that for a moment to hold a basketball passing through the basket from above. Length basketball nets – 40-45 cm Grid should have twelve loops for attaching to the ring. The top section of mesh made rigid to prevent the possible entanglement of the mesh or entanglement and jamming of the ball. The mesh must not allow the spontaneous throwing of the ball back from the recycle bin.