Make sure that the cable is connected

Often a problem with the network arises from the fact that someone of your household tripped on a cable wire. Carefully inspect the socket connecting the USB cable. Even if you are convinced that it is in the socket, pull it out and check for any mechanical damage of the cable and plug. The problem with the Internet connection can also be caused by dust that settled in the nest. To resolve this, clean the slot with brush or blow. Then connect the cable and make sure it went to the stop and is quite tight in the connector. Then try to connect to the Internet.

Check that you have entered the correct username and password

If the cable is all right, but I can't go online, open a network connection and verify that the username and password in the appropriate fields. Although these data systems are normally automatically stores, can place any small mistakes and failures, after which the data will be erased or distorted. Re-enter your username and password. When you enter, make sure that Capslock is disabled and selected the correct keyboard layout.

Check your bill

Remember: if you paid online for the next month? It is not excluded that all the problems have arisen just because of your forgetfulness. If you are not sure that the current paid-up period, check it in your account. It is located on the local server, so you can go there, even if you have not paid online. To do this, point your browser to the website address of your ISP, log in to your account using your username and password and check your account balance.

Check your computer for viruses

If your account is all right, but the computer still refuses to get online, it could be that your computer has a virus. More likely to put in the work in the network without antivirus. If that is the case, the remedy will be free of the antivirus program. For example, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, NOD32 and others have free versions, so you are in which to scan and cure your computer.

Please contact technical support of your provider

Call technical support and describe your problem. It is not necessary to use special terms, it is sufficient to use a simple, "not a computer" word. You will be asked a few clarifying questions and may be asked to do something simple - for example, to restart the computer. After contacting technical support, Internet access will be almost guaranteed. However, this applies only to those cases where a failure has occurred on your line. If the Internet does not work through the fault of your ISP - for example, during maintenance work, is one way to wait until the problem will not resolve.