Advice 1: How to adjust the sound in the browser

Often the reason for the lack of sound on the pages of your favorite site lies in the simple crashing your browser settings. To correct this misunderstanding can be yourself, with just a few clicks of a computer mouse.
How to adjust the sound in the browser
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If you have suddenly lost sound in Internet Explorer or the sound in it is not reproduced, in principle, proceed according to the following guidelines.

First check whether option is enabled audio playback in the browser. You can do this by going to the section "Multimedia" (full path begins like this: start - Programs - Internet Explorer(in the menu bar and choose "Tools" – Internet options – Advanced tab). When you find the desired section, in the opened window you will see "Play sounds in web pages". Put a tick in the appropriate item (click the left mouse button), if it wasn't there before.
Another possible reason for the lack of sound: for some reason, the program stored on the site, it runs with errors. Accordingly, the settings of the browser in this case to anything will not lead.
If the master browser is not Internet Explorer, Mazilla Firefox, on your personal computer you need to perform a few other actions.

If links to sound files do not want to open in media player, and the built-in (native) Mazilla cannot run, open "Mazilu" in the top menu, press "Tools". Next, you have to go under Settings - Applications tab – Recorder, and set "Use Windows Media player".
If the sites on your PC open via Opera browser, then restore the sound will be as simple as described above. To check whether all the settings are correct, open your web browser, go to "Programs", clicking on the icon in the lower left corner. In the appeared menu choose "Settings" – "General settings". In the new window go to the "Advanced" tab in the left menu find and click on "Content". Make sure there is a check in the "Enable sound in web strontian".

Advice 2: How to disable sound in flash

To mute the sound in flash applications run in your browser, you need to know its interface. Sometimes users are faced with the problem of the lack of this function in the management.
How to disable sound in flash
Open your browser to the flash application, locate the mute button sound. Sometimes the buttons can be two – one of them disables the music, if any, in your case, the other mutes the application itself. If you can't find them in the control menu, read the information carefully to users about its use; perhaps there you will find options to disable sound.
Go to the main settings menu of the flash application; it is possible that sound and music can be adjusted or removed entirely in one of its paragraphs. Also try to click right mouse button directly on the program itself and find in the context menu of the desired option.
If you want to disable sound in the flash app that runs on your computer, use the special software to open them. They usually contain additional playback functions, which imply also the possibility to disable sound or music. You can't use conventional browsers, you probably need flash player.
In cases when you need to turn off the sound, you can use the full mute the computer. This is true in cases where the program menu does not provide for special control or you simply can't find it.
This can be done by pressing the corresponding button on your keyboard, reducing the volume level to the minimum in the speakers or headphones, including the minimum volume level for sound card from the appropriate menu in the lower right corner of the Windows taskbar and so on. This method is not convenient because it will also affect playback of your music player, video player, chat programs online and so on.
Useful advice
Carefully study the menu.

Advice 3: What to do if the sound on the Internet does not work

Problems with sound on the Internet has experienced probably every PC user. Someone sound not working on new computer, software or operating system, someone all functioned fine before but one fine morning, in the columns there was silence. But in most cases, the sound disappears for quite natural reasons, and it will not be difficult.
What to do if the sound on the Internet does not work

First, check your speakers or headphones. There are cases when waste contact or simply the cat chews through the wires. Connect them to any audio device with a suitable connector, whether player or cell phone, and check the sound. If in this case it is not, then, most likely, the speakers will have to send either in for repair, or in the trash.

Second, check for updated drivers for your sound card. To do this, right-click the mouse on the icon "My computer" - Properties – Hardware – device Manager. If the icons of the audio devices are yellow exclamation marks, then go to properties and follow the instructions to reinstall the driver. If the device Manager does not display the damage, open control Panel – Sounds and audio devices and look for device input/output. If they are not displayed, install the driver manually from disk or download from the Internet. Model sound card you can also see in device Manager.

If earlier the sound was working, but suddenly disappeared, then you may have a virus on the world wide web and he must as soon as possible to get rid of. Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 from official website, install on your PC and activate the trial version for 30 days. Configure the antivirus scanner to fit your needs and run a full system scan.

Often sound problems are resolved by a simple reinstall audio and video codecs. Most popular and free collection of codecs is K-Lite Codec Pack. Download the updated version and install over the old one. If you just connect to the Internet on a new computer or operating system, it needs to be done first, because without codecs no sound or video will not work properly.

But if the sound is heard only when working in the browser, update your Flash Player or install it if it hasn't been done before. Most Internet players are working on Flash technology and no player not functioning. Please note that various programs to edit audio files or the audio controls on the PC, which minimized to tray, can act uncontrolled in the network. So unplug them and check the sound. This files most often lack a standard mixer from Microsoft, other programs only load the system.

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