You will need
  • computer
If you have suddenly lost sound in Internet Explorer or the sound in it is not reproduced, in principle, proceed according to the following guidelines.

First check whether option is enabled audio playback in the browser. You can do this by going to the section "Multimedia" (full path begins like this: start - Programs - Internet Explorer(in the menu bar and choose "Tools" – Internet options – Advanced tab). When you find the desired section, in the opened window you will see "Play sounds in web pages". Put a tick in the appropriate item (click the left mouse button), if it wasn't there before.
Another possible reason for the lack of sound: for some reason, the program stored on the site, it runs with errors. Accordingly, the settings of the browser in this case to anything will not lead.
If the master browser is not Internet Explorer, Mazilla Firefox, on your personal computer you need to perform a few other actions.

If links to sound files do not want to open in media player, and the built-in (native) Mazilla cannot run, open "Mazilu" in the top menu, press "Tools". Next, you have to go under Settings - Applications tab – Recorder, and set "Use Windows Media player".
If the sites on your PC open via Opera browser, then restore the sound will be as simple as described above. To check whether all the settings are correct, open your web browser, go to "Programs", clicking on the icon in the lower left corner. In the appeared menu choose "Settings" – "General settings". In the new window go to the "Advanced" tab in the left menu find and click on "Content". Make sure there is a check in the "Enable sound in web strontian".