Measure the parameters of the stools. You need to know the width and length of the seat and also the length of the cover that descends from the seat down to the floor.
Build a pattern cover on the paper. Draw a square whose side is equal to the side of the seat of the stool with the addition of 3 mm. Then to each face of the figure, attach the rectangle. Its width corresponds to the length of the "side" of the Cape. To make it short, in the range of 7 cm, or to issue an unusual cloak, descending almost to the floor. It just depends on how much will fit such cases into the General interior of the room.
Around the perimeter of the resulting figure make allowances so that the fabric could bend (approximately 2 cm).
Another pattern you need to draw strictly according to the size of the seat, without any additions. Attach it to a piece of foam and draw – upholstered stool will be much easier. For this purpose you can use upholstery foam. Its thickness should be about 5 cm, Cut a piece of foam in accordance with the pattern.
Pick up the cloth to cover. Rate its appearance – the color and pattern of the material should blend in with the rest of the furniture in the room, color of walls and floor. Also pay attention to the quality of the fabric – it should not electrified, otherwise the stool will attract all the dust particles and debris. Brushed fabric is also not suitable – if the stool will be used as intended, the material will be worn and shiny.
Pin the pattern to the wrong side of the fabric with needles or pins, so it would not move. Circle the contours of the chalk or pencil. Cut out.
The side of the capes that will come down and attach to each other facing and sew. Start to stitch those corners from the center to the edges and leave the material unbound in a 2 cm region.
Fold all sides of the capes twice in 1 see Bond ACC manually, seam "forward needle", then prostrochite on a typewriter.
For easy operation it is possible not to sew the side pieces, and attach ribbon to easily tie them. You can also make a drawstring around the perimeter of the case and put into it gum.