Owners of round faces you first need to choose such hairstyles which would visually lengthen the face.
If you have long hair, you already win because they give a round face an oval shape. So you can build on a long, straight hair a variety of hairstyles. Curly hair it is advisable to straighten the special plate.

Great chubby girls haircut "Bob". Although this hairstyle and is considered dangerous for this type of person, but, observing some rules, you can let her in this form. So, the length of a Bob should be slightly longer chin. With this hair - extremely straight. If you are the owner of wavy curls, you will need to straighten them.

A good option for round faces are haircut to his shoulders. It medium length hair tends to draw the facial features. With such length you will be able to pay attention to the waviness or straightness of the hair - this way fits all.

With round face you can afford and a haircut "quads", but with extended front ends. In this case please note that hair must be perfectly straight.

For short hair, you can make yourself original layered hairstyle. So, "artistic mess" on the head or individual strands of different lengths can significantly lengthen the face. Also try to style your hair so that the head was more lush, and the person – on the contrary – thin strands.

The choice of bangs for this type need to be particularly careful. So, recommended for chubby short bangs to mid-forehead. Try to pick up the hair so that the ears were covered by hair. You can also afford long bangs, but carefully shaped. It can be nice to sweep to the side. But in any case should not be owners of round faces and thick straight bangs.