Pure the most famous characters of the face are virtually nonexistent. However, an experienced stylist will be able to see the signs of some form – high cheekbones, a massive chin and low forehead. And the selection of the right hairstyle will bring your face shape to oval.

Face shape and haircut

An oval face is considered the most harmonious, in this form you can make almost any haircut. It remains only to rely on their intuition and imagination of the wizard, choosing the length and color of hair. With oval versatile face look equally good ultra-short haircuts and hairstyles with long curls, is open to all variations of bangs as thick and thin.

Round face you need to visually pull to the top of the head creates extra volume. Such optimal asymmetric hairstyle, the main thing – not to do parted in the middle. Better to give preference to the oblique bangs, leaving long strands on the sides.

For a triangular face shape will find haircuts, balancing the upper and lower part of the face. For this you need to make cheeks exposed, the best option would be asymmetric haircuts that don't draw attention to broad cheekbones. You can experiment with oblique bangs and volume on top.

The secrets of choosing haircuts

The rectangular face shape requires haircuts, visually narrowing the area of the forehead and chin. It should enhance the cheekbones and temples. Therefore for such a type will suit hairstyles that create volume around the chin, with a symmetrical bangs. Do not make short – haircuts- they open the face as well as hairstyles with straight lines – parting or tips. The bangs can make thick, up to eyebrows.

For pear shaped faces – with a massive jaw and a high forehead – you can choose the haircut with a straight fringe. Hairstyles with this type of person needs to be a volume in the temple area. Haircut length should reach the chin or to be a little lower.

When square face shape should avoid straight bangs and generally any sharp lines. For such persons perfect choice will be hairstyles with feathers", a pronounced asymmetry, with side bangs.

When choosing a haircut, it is also important to take into account your height. Tall people suitable lush hairstyle with long curls, and with a small increase to wear short haircuts, sleek hairstyles.