What type of person will fit a particular haircut? All the stylists there are five different types. Square, oval, elongated, triangular and round.

Square face

  • If your the type of person it is better to avoid short cuts.
  • Try to give your hair a voluminous look at the crown and temples. Use rollers when you blow-dry use a round nozzle.
  • The most suitable option for you is hairstyle with curls, magnificently arranged around the sides of the face. And the hair from his forehead split a slanting parting or satelite ago.
  • Recommended hair length for you – below the chin.
  • It is not necessary to wear your hair in a bun ago. Do not open your ears, wear parted in the middle.

Oval face

The most versatile type of person. You'll like the hair of any length.Not recommended for layered hairstyles and the "ladder". A perfect option for you is long hair.

Long face

  • Try to keep hair to have volume at the temples. When you blow-dry, use a large nozzle. Suitable effect can be obtained by using large rollers.
  • You should not wear your hair loose, because it's visually even more pull a face. You suit short hair with bangs and medium length hair, volume and laid at the chin.
  • The best option for this type of person is the hairstyle without parting with asymmetrical lines.

Triangular face

  • The most suitable will be the length of the hair to the middle of the cheeks.
  • Stylists do not recommend you short haircuts and hairstyles with curly forehead hair. Also it is not necessary to create volume at the temples.
  • Women with this type of person will go hairstyles with bangs. Also advantageous will look curled and styled in the chin hair.

Round face

  • You may consider options for hairstyles when the hair is removed from the face. Do not cover the hair, the eyes, forehead and ears.
  • Visually change the shape of the face can hairstyles with elevated on the top of the head hair. Also you'd look good with short hair, with this installation, when at the temples hair look flat, and the top will be on the other side.
  • Best hair length for you is twenty or thirty centimeters.
  • Try to avoid flat and overly voluminous hairstyles. You do not fit smoothly combed at the sides hair and hairstyles with straight partings.