Pixie haircut

One of the most suitable for thick hair haircuts is the pixie, which has a sculptural shape and a great texture. This ultra-feminine style perfectly underlines cheekbones, eyes and jaw line, and looks great both on direct and on curly hair. To support such a form is quite simple – you just have to visit the hairdresser every six to eight weeks.

Styling this haircut only takes a few minutes, easy to maintain, if desired, the image of a pixie, you can change, complete with accessories.

Pixie with short bangs is perfect for face with oval or square shape, and the girls face in the shape of a heart. Same haircut with long bangs it is better to do owners of round or long face, as well as ladies with plump lips and big eyes. Pixie looks good on a small face with large coarse features.

The Bob haircut

Looks great on thick hair with bangs haircut Bob short, asymmetric or round. The second type of haircuts with long bangs, cut layers looks very stylish and informal, and short with thick bangs softens and rounds the face, revealing beautiful high cheekbones. Feminine rounded is ideal for everyday life – it can be worn tousled and smoothly laid.

To the Bob haircut looked expensive and luxurious, use styling lining silk serum.

Short Bob with lots of layers, thick hair raises up, keeping their beautiful shape. Layering, however, is a haircut with layers that make the curls near the face shorter than the head – and Vice versa. This hairstyle allows you to balance the elongated shape of the face and make a small chin more voluminous. But the women with round face it is better not to do. In addition, Bob is perfect for any season and makes even the most thick hair easily go into place. Styling this haircut should be performed with a hair dryer and a round brush.

Soft and feminine Bob is unique in that it is suitable for any color and hair type. Haircut in a sleek and disheveled option fit easily enough, and the length of the bangs and hair in the occipital zone can be changed at their discretion. Thus, Bob hairstyle for thick hair with bangs allows the woman to constantly look different without changing the favorite and convenient hairstyles.