Determine the type of your face. First and foremost, much haircut changes a person, so it can help to correct deficiencies and to allocate dignity. If you have a round face, it will look great volume on top of the cutting, with the individual strands of a person on his cheeks. Owners of round faces also go haircuts with curly hair, with ragged edges, cut long bangs. If you have a round face, do not cut straight four of a kind, don't make spherical cuts and parting right in the middle of the head. People with long face are suitable haircut with volume on the sides and low bangs, a square face should choose haircuts with a clear structure: asymmetrical, with a noticeable parting. To the triangular faces ideal short haircuts and lush bangs.
Facial features and other details also need to consider, choosing a haircut. If the eyes are widely spaced, but they can be bring lifted up by the hair, dropping them on the forehead and creating a bangs effect. Protruding ears can be covered with a haircut "quads" or long hair. Long nose mask is good hair, a little snub nose looks good with the slicked back hair.
To choose a haircut you must also depending on hair type and condition. The hair need to choose the haircut shorter, as they often require trimming and cutting split ends. Straight hair look good in haircuts with a clear structure, with a dedicated strand asymmetry, layers. To choose a haircut for wavy hair is more difficult because they are worse fit that you also need to consider.
Choosing a hairstyle, consider your figure. Slender well-suited medium length hair with slight waves, long bangs and geometric thinning. Short hair emphasize the thinness. Women with curvaceous should choose haircuts medium length layers. Petite girls ideal long and straight hair. And the owners of athletic shape go with any hairstyle.
Properly chosen haircut can molodeti face. It is believed that Bob hairstyle, and all the short haircuts make a person younger. In many cases, the bangs also helps to throw a few years, as it removes the wrinkles on the forehead. But not everyone can afford the bangs to determine this, take a strand of hair and satelite on the forehead, stabbing in the form of bangs. The boy cut the" young elderly women.