Determine your face type. Necesite all the hair back bangs get, sit directly in front of the mirror and use a marker or lipstick to frame the reflection. Allocate usually 6 face shapes, depending on the similarity with geometric shapes — oval, circle, cardamom, triangle, rhombus and rectangle.
Choose any hairstyle according to your wish, if you are the owner of an oval face. Keep in mind that with the high hair you want to highlight the bangs to the face seem elongated.
Give preference to haircuts medium length, no bangs, for example, the classic Bob, if the shape of your face round. Visually hide the broad cheekbones can be asymmetric haircut or a haircut with a high crown.
Soften a square face shape with oblique bangs, asymmetrical haircuts. Perfect slightly wavy medium length hair that will make you more feminine. Don't pick it up more in the hair back.
Discard thick bangs and sleek hairstyle with a middle part if you have a triangular face contour. Safesite hair side parting, bangs make rare, light. Lay the hair strands, curled inward.
Distract attention from the broad cheekbones with a diamond head shape. Pick a haircut with long bangs completely covering the forehead, or high hairstyle with thick straight bangs. The side strands do not remove the ears.
It is not necessary to choose hairstyles with a middle part, renounce smooth long hair with a rectangular face shape. You will approach a short, lush haircuts.
Consider carefully in the mirror your face, define your flaws. Romantic feminine hairstyles with soft curls perfectly accentuate facial features, and strict, smooth form of haircuts will fit slim women with a stern face. Prefer lush hair, if you have a long nose. With a small nose do hairstyle with small curls. If you have close-set eyes, lift the hair up and the side locks lay along the cheeks.
Consider also the type of hair. With thin and sparse hair the preferred volume of the haircut with the structural strands. Hard heavy hair well-stacked in a stepped haircut.