To think about the flip side of the problem.
The easiest way to control thoughts – thoughts about the opposite. If you are angry with someone – think of something kind and good, if you're excited – imagine yourself in a quiet and peaceful place.
Reflect thoughts on reality.
Remember that some of your naughty thoughts and desires and imagine that it became a reality. You really changed your sweetheart with a colleague, beat his head, threw the TV out the window... Think how much suffering it might bring you and others.
To abstract from their thoughts.
Imagine your thoughts as a slide show as if it is not your thoughts, but just single images. They don't have you no influence, they don't have to believe or hope for them.
To find the source of thoughts.
The thoughts always have a source and that source is emotion. Emotions are the body's response to an external stimulus.
To find the root of the problem, you need to grab the emotion, to look at it from the outside, to understand it.
Imagine their thoughts in the idea of emotions, feelings. No emotion, no feelings can't be right or wrong until you make a reality. Just accept your emotions and relax.
Restore thoughts and feelings will disappear.
To deal with the thoughts.
In order to deal with your thoughts there are a couple of ways.
Think of a word that you will stop yourself, for example, "stop", "no". And if you are in the head crept into the idea unwanted chase her your magic word.
The same thinking can get rid of the mini corporal punishment. For example, to put on hand rubber band for papers and its delay by clicking on the hand when needed.