When diagnosing special attention is given to determining the causes of protein in the urine. The reasons causing protein can be attributed to the following: abuse of protein foods, excessive stress, severe physical exertion and hypothermia. But in such cases the protein is present a short time, that is, as long as external factors.

The most common cause of the appearance of protein in the urine – renal proteinuria caused by inadequate filtration processes. Occurs in case of late toxicity, nephrosis, renal tuberculosis, glomerulonephritis and hypertension.

If in urine there is protein, find its molecular mass (it determines the throughput of renal proteinuria). If the analysis shows the presence of albumin, low molecular weight protein in the urine may indicate minor tissue damage to the kidneys. When urinary excretion of high molecular weight albumins, protein in the urine – a symptom serious illness.

The presence of protein in the urine and leukocytes indicates the place in the body inflammation, and protein with red blood cells – damage to a certain area of the urinary system or the movement of rocks.

If protein in the urine detected during pregnancy (after 32 weeks), it is a sign of nephropathy, that is, placental disorders, which can lead to premature birth. Protein in urine during pregnancy may be accompanied by high blood pressure.

The protein treatment is not carried out, because he is the only symptom that indicates the occurrence of a particular disease. It is a disease and can be treated.

In some cases, the presence of protein in the urine is completely safe. For example, young people who are at the stage of puberty, may be a small amount of protein.