In a healthy person protein in the urine is not defined, so its sudden appearance should be alerted and a pregnant woman, and watching her doctors. The first thing peredayte analysis to verify the absence of errors. Before urine collection, thorough toilet of the external genitalia. Sterilize the container in which the material will be delivered to the laboratory. If the protein is determined during the re-analysis, and its level exceeds 0,033 g/l, immediately consult a doctor and start treatment.
Protein in urine (proteinuria) can be a symptom of inflammatory diseases, such as cystitis or pyelonephritis. If the urine, besides protein detected leukocytes and bacteria, and a woman concerned for low back pain should undergo anti-inflammatory treatment. Unfortunately, antibiotics to cope with pyelonephritis will fail, however, there are many drugs approved for use during pregnancy. In the complex treatment you can use the diuretic and anti-inflammatory herbs, for example, cowberry leaf, chamomile, birch buds, wild thyme, horsetail. Cook them broth to drink during the day as a tea. If you deal with inflammation, protein in urine will disappear.
If the urinalysis revealed protein, if you retake it the number increases, and infectious and inflammatory diseases of the bladder and kidney is excluded, the most probable cause of proteinuria is nephropathy during pregnancy, or preeclampsia. This is one of the most serious complications of pregnancy, which can lead not only to premature birth, but the death of the mother and/or fetus. If you suspect preeclampsia pregnant woman needs daily to control blood pressure and weight gain. The rapid recruitment of extra pounds can be a sign of fluid retention in the body. On this point, and swelling, which can be seen not only a doctor, but she's pregnant.
Nephropathy I degree follow diet therapy. Include in the diet of a large number of foods rich in protein: boiled meat and fish, cheese, yogurt etc. Eat vegetables and fruits. Once a week, spend fasting days. All this will eliminate the swelling and reduce the amount of protein in the urine. According to the doctor's drink "Nospanum", "Dibazol" and other drugs.

When deterioration requiring hospitalization. In hospital treatment of more serious drugs, there is constant monitoring of the pregnant woman and the fetus. With the appearance of life-threatening symptoms can be performed an emergency C-section.