You will need
  • - container for biological material;
  • soap;
  • tool for intimate hygiene.
Need to properly collect urine for analysis. Purchase at the pharmacy container for urine. Do a thorough hygienic toilet of genitals with the use of soap for intimate hygiene. Release a small amount of urine in the toilet and then, without interrupting urination, collect the urine in a container for biological material. Label the jar, specifying the surname, name, patronymic, date of urine collection. The material must be delivered to the laboratory in a short time.
In the lab first carried out to determine physical properties of urine: color, transparency, relative density, reaction of urine. In a healthy person's urine has a straw-yellow color due to the presence of pigment urochrome. Normal urine is transparent. The concentration function of the kidneys determines the relative density of urine. Depending on the age of the person tested, the relative density is in the range 1,008 – 1,025. The reaction of urine depends on the food intake. Normal value of urine of a healthy adult upon a mixed diet 5-7. Eating a predominantly meat-eating causes more acid reaction of the urine, and vegetable – base.
Chemical examination of urine includes the determination of protein, bile pigments, glucose, ketone bodies. In the urine of a healthy person protein is present in a concentration of not more than 0,0033 g/l in a healthy person in the urine of bile pigments are not detected. Glucose in normal urine is present in minimal quantities. Its qualitative definition gives a negative result. Ketones in the urine of healthy humans.
Examination of the urine sediment includes the study of organized sediment: erythrocytes, leukocytes, epithelial cells, cylinders and unorganized urine sediment: uric acid, urate, amorphous phosphates, and oxalates of calcium.
In the urine of healthy human erythrocytes do not exist or are isolated in the drug. Normal values of white blood cells: up to 3 in the field of view in men and up to 5 in field of vision in women. In the sediment of normal urine always contains cells of flat and transitional epithelium from a single in drug to individual in sight. The urinary sediment in healthy person can be isolated hyaline cylinders. Oxalates of calcium detected in normal urine by eating foods rich in oxalic acid: tomatoes, spinach, sorrel.