The teenager is not yet an adult but no longer a child. Some parents find it difficult to get used to the new status of their children, and sometimes their throws in the extreme. Your child will not be happy with new cars and dolls. It is also unlikely that he would be interested in the status of things valued by adults – expensive watches, pens, diary, leather-bound book.

Probably your son or daughter has a dream. Try to implement it on the day of birth. Easier for those parents whose Chad want a puppy, new rollers or a rare edition of a comic book – these things you can just buy. If your daughter wants to sleep with the singer, and the son – to stop looking like a nerd, you can only contribute to the realization of their desires. Give the girl a certificate for teaching vocal, and the guy is a gym membership and lenses. Teenagers will certainly love it.

Most young people are addicted to technology. Mobile phones, iPods, gamboi, tablets, netbooks will be the perfect gift. However, if you do not understand the technology, it will be better to choose a gift together with Chad or to know the exact characteristics of the gadget, so the surprise was really welcome.

Most likely, your teen has a hobby. Even if it seems to you a waste of time, for a child it is very important. Show respect and give him something that will be useful in his classes. Son or daughter will accept this gift with gratitude.

The media play a huge role in the lives of boys and girls. Movies, games, TV shows and comic books look, is collected and discussed with friends. If you know what your son or daughter is an ardent fan of any work, get him a mug or a t-shirt with your favorite hero, buy Western online store a statuette of a character. The teenager will be thrilled.

For Teens is very important to its credibility among friends. If the child says that he wants instead of a gift to go with friends bowling or to a concert, let him do it. Thus, it will increase your social status in the company that will be for him the best gift.