The choice of gift is not an easy process. Especially if the gift is intended for a boy of 7 years. After all, he's not a baby, but it seems not yet an adult.

Definitely, 7 years is already a "respectable" age! And on the day of birth parents and relatives will not be able to get a new jacket or a box of chocolates. At this age the child often already knows what he wants. But the givers, on the contrary, dazzled from the selection of gifts.

Possible gifts

Experts in the field of gifts and child psychologists believe that the choice of gift should be guided by the enthusiasms of a boy. That is, if a child draws, give him a birthday drawing materials. If sports can bring a gift appropriate equipment. If you like to read a good book, etc.

It is not necessary to give the child in the birthday school supplies, just because he's already a first grader. Even if the boy loved the school, still new satchel or a "cool" pencil case will soon fade from memory as gifts and will be perceived by the child routine.
But you probably know that gifts should be a real surprise and to be remembered for a long time.

There are cases when 7-year-old boy has not yet decided on their Hobbies. In this case it is possible to give a gift "in advance", for example, a ball or a hockey stick – all of a sudden he's a future football player or hockey player.

A good help in choosing a gift may be the very desire of the child. That is, he can just give what he wants. Wants mobile phone gift, not very expensive, because children at this age usually not very aware of the prices and value of the gift. Wants tablet? Well, this is also a great gift! Only in this case you need to properly motivate the child to he day not sit for him.
If you think that tablet PC is too expensive a gift for a seven year old boy, know that besides the original you can buy a cheaper model, which will cost about 2 thousand rubles.

Versatile and unusual gifts

The most versatile gift for a boy of 7 years, of course, is a toy. But not any first available and selected according to the preferences of the child. Loves cars – give car, airplanes, plane, etc. Except for simple toy models, it is possible to choose a toy on the radio. This can be a car, helicopter or even boat.

Also universal gifts to which none of the boy will not remain indifferent, can be attributed to the bike, scooter or rollers.

But for unusual gifts related to the fact that it just can not buy. For example, a visit to the Dolphinarium, a circus, a water Park or a theatrical birthday celebration.

Most importantly in the present what it needs to bring your child the joy, and for this you should know the child's Hobbies and not be afraid to experiment.