At eleven years old the girls are already starting to form your own style, a classmate and friend brag to each other with outfits and accessories. If you are a girl, the fashionista, the most desired gift for her can be something that will distinguish it from the others so that the girlfriend gasped. This gift can be a beautiful handbag, original belt and hat, umbrella or sunglasses. If a girl, by force of circumstances, wear glasses all the time, you can pick up delicate frames and glasses case – this item may well be turned into a sign of individuality, particular style.

Knowing what the girl enjoys, you can give her the birthday attribute that is associated with her Hobbies, for example, a swimsuit if she goes for swimming, brushes and paint - if good draws. If the girl likes to do needlework, the perfect gift can be a decorative box, and it will decorate a child's room and will benefit.

A gift face

Growing up, girls begin to imitate the mothers were concerned about their appearance. This can be used for educational purposes: a girl can and should be taught to pick up cosmetics correctly. To begin to meet children's cosmetics, hygienic lipstick, give handmade soap, shower foam – girl will feel like a Princess which presumes that adults lady.

It may happen that in eleven years there will be first pimples and therefore will need the means to care for problem areas young face. The girl, impressed with how she looks, like beautiful hair clips, perfume with a delicate aroma. Remember that cosmetics for 11-year-old girl should be only natural and selected according to skin type. In this matter it is best to consult with a specialist.

Birthday with a practical gift

11-year-old "newborn" can love not only beautiful but also practical things. For example, a modern mobile phone, which will not only be connected, but will impress friends. In school girl need a laptop and accessories for it.

If the girl likes to photograph, she will need a photo printer that will give you the opportunity to print and display your images. Young melomanka will appreciate the collection of your favorite music and speakers. On the day of birth can give a new school bag with a picture of the beloved cartoon: in this age it is still a lot of children's emotions that you would like to share with peers. Especially those who know the characters animated series Winx or My little pony. Good will as a gift from my parents a convenient computer Desk or the perfect set of bed linen with the original picture – beautiful and practical at the same time.

A gift for girls 11th birthday should be chosen based on its taste, and then her joy will bring you satisfaction.