At this age boys are interested in different innovations in computer technology. For example, tablet, cell phone, flash drive, game console and headphones should please your boyfriend. If the guy is a student of the University, it is possible to buy a e-book or a voice recorder.


If a guy has a car, you can choose as a gift any accessory in the car (thermo, Navigator, radio, etc.). He goes fishing? Buy him a new fishing rod. A lover of skiing will be glad points for skiing. If he is a fan of his music group, will buy him a ticket to a concert or make a recording of your favorite artists. Believe me, in his birthday he will get an unforgettable experience.

Sport and extreme

Sports fans will love a gift in the form of conventional dumbbells, rollers, sports equipment. You can purchase other annual gym membership. If you don't know what present to give boyfriend of 18 years, hand him a certificate for a parachute jump (or buy a surfboard.


The young man will appreciate such gifts as a watch, leather belt, wallet, purse, original pen, a notebook, an unusual lighter. If you are well versed in clothing, get the young man's sweater or an original t-shirt. But do not forget that at this age the boys choose their own individual style. Give a favorite mug with a funny inscription.

The holiday and time together

You can give a young man of eighteen years, a real holiday. This may be on the order of a limousine for an hour through the city, dinner in the restaurant. As a rule, young people like noisy party in a night club or spending time in the sauna. Guy will be fun to spend time in nature where you can make barbecues. Importantly, it was an unexpected surprise. Give the young man a joint visit to the water Park. Contact a travel Agency and book a romantic trip for two, if funds permit. Bake him a delicious cake or cookies - the young man rarely refuses sweet. Make a postcard with your hands, where you can write warm words of wishes.

Make this day memorable for your boyfriend. Rejoice young man by his original gifts, and after 18 years the young person becomes an adult. He becomes a real man. And so much is yet to come!