You will need
  • Cast b/u drives.
To check b/cast wheels and drove them to the nearest tire. Ask the employees of the tire to remove rubber disc, if there's any on them.
Explain to the employees of the tire that you need to check the disk geometry. Employees of the tire will inspect your alloy rims on a normal balancing machine and talk about the defects present on the disks.
If the geometry of the disk or disks is broken, you will prompt where it is possible to correct this defect. This operation is performed on a special machine by hot or cold rolling. These machines are not on each tire, so better to find out the nearest shop where you can repair the disks, in case of detection of small defects in the metal or violation of the geometry, so as not to waste time on several trips to different locations. Correction of violations of the geometry of the disc is from 600 rubles per disk.