Many parents keep saying to their children that sweets spoil the teeth. And they are absolutely right! To digest refined sugar need calcium, but not the one that comes with food at the same time. In this case, the teeth and bones are affected first because they are the source of the reserves of calcium in the body. After the rejection of sugar should not expect rapid change, however, after a year you will notice that the tooth enamel has become stronger, and necessity for treatment at the dentist - much less.

Natural and proper weight loss is one of the main bonuses for the rejection of refined sugar. This substance contains not only sweets, but also in many other products, from packaged juices and sauces to baking and convenience foods. Ceasing to eat sugar, you'll eliminate from the diet of an impressive list of junk food. As a result, your weight will gradually return to normal, and also improve the skin condition.

Excessive sugar consumption is one of the causes of several diseases, including diabetes type II diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Of course, these health problems can have other causes. However, if you do not eat sugar, you significantly reduce these risks.

There is a certain relationship between the amount of sugar and immune status. Try to give up refined sugar and products with its contents for a few months, and you will find that you are less likely to face respiratory diseases. Upon further refusal of sweets your immune system will only be strengthened.

Refined sugar releases free radicals, and this is one of the main causes of skin aging. Wrinkles, dull complexion, sagging – all those nasty age-related changes can be "postponed" for a few years, just abandoning sugar.

There is a widespread belief that sugar is necessary for brain. However, this is just a stereotype successfully supported the tooth. The human body has no physiological need for refined sugar. A small amount of honey or dried fruit can satisfy the need for sweet, a benefit for the body from these products is difficult to overestimate.