Preparation for sale

Initially, you should decide not only on the method of sale, but also what amount you would like to help out in the transaction. Besides, it is necessary to set specific terms of sale. All of these parameters – price, quality and terms must be reasonable.

Thanks to the help of an appraiser or independent study the real estate market can be determined with the cost of housing sold (self-assessment is appropriate if, among other documents, there is no need in the opinion of a specialist). Proceeding from it, consider the fact that you need to sell quickly, that is the price for your apartment will be 80-90% of the market. For example, the average market price of 2 million rubles, you call the price of 1 million 800 thousand

Then the question arises - where's the catch? Thanks to the reduced price can attract potential buyers, you want to apply one of the methods a quick sale of the apartment.

Speaking of time, it is worth noting the following statistics: for sale

  • one-bedroom flat takes about 1-2 months
  • three – room- 2-3 months
  • four - 3 months or more

To sell an apartment, the initial step should be to prepare the necessary documents, which include:

  • extract from the house register;
  • documents on the property right;
  • a certificate from the BTI, among which must be the cadastral passport and certificate with floor plan. It should be noted that for these documents will have to pay the required amount to the cashier;
  • in case of sale of an apartment on the mortgage is also required report on the market value of the apartment, which creates the appraiser;
  • if one of the owners is a child, you need the permission of the Board of Trustees for sale of the property;
  • in the case of acquisition of the apartment at the time of the marriage requires the consent of the spouse to sell this housing.

After preparation of several documents to sell the apartment, you can use one or more of the proposed methods. The most common of these are the following:

Apartments for sale to investors

Apartments for sale investors, real-estate agent or other individuals who are engaged in the resale of apartments.

This method is good because it is so possible as quickly as possible, in the shortest possible time to sell the apartment. This method has its negative side – you will have to sell at quite a reduced price.

The system of this method is that the seller takes the ad on various sites or other places where is usually viewed these ads indicates that housing for sale cheap. With him, as a rule, contact the Agency or investors who buy the apartment at his own expense.

To attract these buyers is easy if the property is in good house district, located in the house well, is in good condition, legally "clean", etc. it is Worth noting that the agencies and investors buy apartments, where no more than 2 rooms, as the larger living space is not in high demand.

How to sell a flat method of auction

The essence of the sale of the apartment with the auction is that the seller invites several potential buyers at the same time. Thus is created between the customers, the competition and each appoints a great price. It should be noted that using this method should not exceed the real value of the property in the "heat" of the auction. Because the buyer later think about their actions, may simply withdraw from the transaction before its conclusion. To sell the apartment in this way can be quite fast when properly administered bidding during the auction.

Some sellers do the whole "show" of such sale, inviting experts, who will "praise" flat, thereby causing to raise the price the potential buyers independently. But some customers, this method may scare, and then the auction can simply be a fail. Here, as elsewhere, it is appropriate saying "everything in moderation".

Sale with a telephone auction

This way when its right use will help to sell the apartment in the shortest possible time. Its essence is that the seller shows an apartment to the maximum number of buyers. Then calls back to them, offering a price slightly higher than the previous buyer.

For example, the seller set the price of the apartment 1 million 800 thousand. RUB This apartment has viewed by 10 people. The seller calls you first and says, whether it suits the price. After clarification of all questions of prices with the first client, the seller says that if nobody will offer more favorable price for the rent he will call you back. Then the seller calls the second client. He says that the rent bid 1 million 830тыс. RUB and clarifies all the questions of the prices for the apartment. At the end of the conversation, he also promises to call back in case if nobody will bid higher. The seller calls the third client and said that he was offered a price above 1 million 850тыс RUB and in conversation said he'd call if he will not bid above. So he calls up with each potential client and, of course, gives the apartment one who gives a higher price, thus calling the price, which he called a previous customer and voicing a new price a little more.

These are some of the most popular ways that will help to sell the apartment quickly. But do not forget that even when you use these proven methods the apartment will sell quickly if the price and quality do not correspond – it will scare away buyers.