As real estate prices vary throughout the year

Due to the long Chinese new year holidays and the time required to "recover" in January, stagnating, and real estate transactions are made very rarely. In Russia buyers and real estate agents go on vacation, but the sellers are waiting, trying to catch financial trends of the coming new year. By the end of January and the offer and demand start to grow and by the end of February, typically, demand begins to exceed supply, and the property gradually appreciates in value. This process lasts until about mid-April.
Seasonal fluctuations of the real estate market due to the behavior of buyers and directly related to the vacation periods, long holidays and "child" factor.

After that potential buyers are distracted from the intention to buy a property – children finish school, some of them preparing to go to College and parents not up to it, and begin the season of vacations and cottages. The real estate market for the summer is characterized by almost complete stagnation, which lasts until Aug. During this period, the offer usually exceeds the demand, but sellers, who previously panicked and began to cut prices, now you know what to do. And really since the end of August-beginning of autumn starts to grow, the demand for apartments, and with it grow and prices. Their maximum values occur at the end of October – mid-November. Then demand begins to fall again and by the end of December almost stops – the potential buyers have already realized that by the New year in a new apartment they enter do not have time and postponed it for next year.
To determine the degree of liquidity of their property, spend analysis, examining market conditions and the availability of similar facilities. This analysis will help you to make and specialist realtor.

How to profitably sell an apartment

If you decide to sell the property, even if you urgently need money, try not to rush and wait for the best deals. The answer to the question whether to wait until the peak fall season, depends on what you sell. If this is a one - or two-bedroom apartment with a reasonable ratio of cost and consumer characteristics, you can sell it at any time of the year. Distribute the factor of seasonality and atypical apartment, which can be described as "the Amateur". In the case when the price of an apartment is overpriced, you need to wait for peak season, then your expectations have a chance to make excuses.