So, more and more people are turning to Feng-Shui in different areas of life. What steps should be taken to the seller of the apartment to conform to the rules of Feng-Shui and quickly found a buyer?
Of course, not all options selling housing we can change according to the principles of Feng-Shui. The location of the house, its orientation towards one or other side of the world, terrain and much more under our influence, but certain steps that will help to accelerate the search for a buyer, it is still possible to do.
If possible, better to remove from the apartments all the furniture, leaving an empty brightly-lit room. In fact, according to Feng-Shui, positive Chi energy moves better in space, not cluttered with a large number of furniture.
Perform General housekeeping in vacant spaces. Cleaning helps to eliminate stagnant flow of energy, relieves the blockade in your undertakings, caused by the accumulation of garbage and unnecessary things.
Hang it in the bathroom mirror. Please note that you should not hang mirrors opposite Windows and entrance to the apartment. It is also desirable that the mirrors were framed in, which will help them to direct energy in the right direction.
Remember that the space surrounding us can change our fate, to improve the health and to help matters. A few simple tips and the task of the sale of the apartment from time-consuming and cumbersome will turn into simple and easily solved.