If you use a remote administration program that allows you to control the cursor on another computer, the restart is carried out in the usual way – click "start", select the menu item "Shutdown" - "Restart." Then, the connection with the remote computer terminates, it is restarted.
There is an option to restart the remote computer via command line – assuming you have access to it. To restart, use the shutdown command with the necessary parameters. For example, if you type in command prompt shutdown-t 0 -r –f and press Enter, the computer will be restarted immediately.
The command parameters have the following meaning: -t – sets the time before shutdown. In the example above, the specified time of 0 seconds, so the computer will immediately reboot. If you specify a different time, e.g. 20 seconds, the screen will appear a window with a warning that the computer will restart after the specified time. The parameter-r (reboot) says that it will restart, not shutdown. To turn off the computer, use the-s option. Following the-f option, it says that all running applications will be closed without warning the user.
You can display any additional message enclosed in double quotation marks as follows: shutdown-t-r 20-c "Attention, the computer will restart in 20 seconds!". The parameter C in this case indicates the presence of a comment. Remember that when typing commands quotation marks should be entered directly in the command prompt window, but not paste the phrase with quotes.