You will need
  • Network card and motherboard that support Wake Up on LAN
Pre-configure the settings of your network card. To do this go to properties of computer (right mouse button on "My computer" - "Properties"), select the tab "Hardware" - "device Manager" (for Windows 7 this item is in the left part of the window).
In the displayed tree of devices connected to the computer, select "Network adapters" and double click on the name of your adapter. In the new window click the tab "power Management".
Place a checkmark next to "Allow computer to turn off this device" and "allow the device to output the computer out of standby". Click "OK".
Download and install one of the utilities that allows you to accept a Magic Packet. Free programs worth noting are Magic Packet Utility, Wake on LAN. Also on the official website of the manufacturer AMD find AMD Magic Packet Utility.
Install the selected application and perform settings in accordance with your network configuration and network card. Usually apps require you to enter the IP network address and MAC address of the network adapter. After finishing the settings, send the request, after which your computer turns on.
If launch does not occur, check your BIOS settings. To do this, while turning on the computer press the corresponding key, whose name is usually indicated at the bottom of the screen when enabled. Select Power — Power Up Control. In the line Wake On LAN or PCI modem should be set to Enabled. Save all changes by pressing F10 and try to start the computer from the Internetand again. If the attempt failed, it is likely that your network card does not support the reception of Magic Packet.