You will need
  • - the form 0401060 payment order;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - financial statements for the year.
Use the standard form of payment order which has code 0401060. Enter the document number. Many programs (such as online banking), it is placed automatically, as is the monitoring of the sequence of instructions. Indicate the firm's status as a taxpayer. If the company is tax agents, state code 02, a legal entity – 01, individual entrepreneur – 09. The rest of the code is presented in appropriate order.
Write the real date of filling of the document. Enter the type of payment. Basically the money is sent electronically, sometimes by mail, Telegraph. Enter the payment amount. It fits in words, and the words "million", "cents" are not reduced. If the money is calculated in rubles, write at the end of the " = " sign. This is a requirement of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.
Enter the full name of the company. Write INN, PPC company, if the company OPF – sole trader, enter only INN. Enter full account number of the organization, name of the Bank where it is open, other details, including the BIC address of the correspondent account.
Write the name of the tax office in which the organization is registered. Specify the Bank details of the recipient. You will be able to know the agencies for taxes and duties, if you make a request by phone, letter or come in person at the service. Enter the CSC. The classification codes a list of them. If you list the premiums in TFOMS, put the code 392 1 02 09 0000 02110 160, and the code of subspecies of the income 1 000.
To specify the basis of payment. When you go the insurance premiums for the year is "TP". Write the type of payment. With the dismissal of assessments specified as "OT".
In the column "purpose of payment" insert the name of the Fund. It can be TFOMS, FFOMS and the FSS. Specify the name of the month for which assessed contributions. Write the number of your organization, which was assigned to it at registration in a particular Fund.