First read the law №212-FZ of 24 July 2009 "On insurance contributions to the pension Fund of the Russian Federation, social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, FFOMS and TFOMS". This law reglementary the order of payment of all insurance premiums, including contributions to the Pension Fund.
Please note, retirement, and other insurance contributions, the individual entrepreneur himself does not expect. The calculations for it produces a Pension Fund. Currently, the amount of deductions to the pension Fund is 26% of the cost of the insurance year. In turn, the cost of the insurance year is tied to the minimum wage. The size of pension contributions in the year = minimum wage*26%*12 months. Don't forget that until June 1, the minimum wage was 4,330 rubles, and from 1 June it has risen and is now equal 4661 ruble.
If you born in 1966 or later, all the 26% transfer to the insurance part of pension. If you are younger: 20% transfer to the insurance part and 6% on cumulative.
In order not to be mistaken with the amount of fixed contributions, and details for listings, take a receipt for payment in your Department Pension Fund. Don't forget to bring the passport and the insurance pension certificate. Receipts are issued free of charge, but only upon presentation of these documents.
Think about how you prefer to pay: once a year or quarterly. Keep in mind, if you use STS or transferred to imputed income, you have the right to reduce the amount of tax on the accrued and paid insurance contributions for this reporting period. So, if you pay quarterly, you can reduce on a quarterly basis and the amount of tax on your business activities.
Keep the paid receipts. They will be useful for the compilation of annual accounts.
Do not forget to pay pension and other insurance contributions you have until the end of the year. If you pay late, you will count penalties.