You will need
  • - reporting forms;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • printer;
  • - fountain pen;
  • printing (if available);
  • - postage envelope and a form of notification of receipt if you plan to submit statements by mail.
If an individual entrepreneur no employees, to report to the FIU should be once a year only for contributions made for themselves. Served form RSV-2 and BCR-6-1, followed by a list of form ADV-6-3. The deadline for reporting is March 1.In the presence of employees or the individual businessman in addition to these documents, he should report in form RSV-1 and szv-6-2, which is accompanied by a form ADV-6-2. This should be done on a quarterly basis until the first day of each second month after the end of the quarter, six months, nine months of the year. Simply put, the statements for the first quarter is available until may 1, six months – until 1 August, for 9 months – until 1 November and for the year to 1 February.
Submit the reporting to the Pension Fund in three ways:
1) to bring her back personally;
2) send via email;
3) to report through the Internet by using one of the special services.
For starters, you will need forms of reporting documentation. They can be found and downloaded from the Internet and fill out on your computer or to use a special online services, such as the "Elbe" and "My business".
Export of the last file reporting to the FIU to your computer can only subscribers of paid services. But nobody will forbid to select and copy the generated service document and paste it into a blank file in a text editor, and then print.
It remains only to sign the resulting reports and seal, if any.
If you plan to include documents in the office of the Fundand personally, each print will have two copies. Don't forget to make two copies of receipts or payment orders with the Bank stamp confirming the payment of contributions. To send statements by mail is sufficient. Original receipts, keep.
Before the visit to the office of the Pension Fundand will not be superfluous to call back: to clarify, at what time and in what office to take statements. If you do not know the phone, it can be found through the official website of the Pension Fund ofthe Russian Federation, you only need to choose your region or city.Come to the office of the FIU, give the completed reports and proof of payment. On the second copy of each document employees of the Department mark about acceptance. This instance remains with us as a confirmation that the statements are delivered.
To send statements by mail, we will need an envelope and the form of notification of delivery. On the envelope write the address of your branch of the RPF and your return address. The same applies to notifications. Paid then send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Statements are delivered. It remains to wait for notification and keep it off. This document will serve as confirmation that the Fund reports received.Important point: the date of submission shall be the date it is sent by mail (its easy to identify the stamps on the envelope and the notice and the receipt, which will give your e-mail box, but not receipt of the letter of the Pension Fundom.
For filing via the Internet will have to use the services of the special service. It will need to issue a power of attorney that gives the service the right to submit statements on your behalf. Its shape will provide the service itself, we can only drive your data, print and certify with signature and seal.
The power of attorney will be sent to the service address by mail or is downloaded on his website in a scan.
When authorization is received and checked by the employees of the service, we can only access its website and give the command to create reports on all required forms. Continue to introduce, where necessary, additional information, and submit documents for the change. The service will do everything necessary and send the report, are the Foundationof om your forms or need improvement.Service for the submission of reports to the Pension Fund through the Internet pay. It can be provided as a single or as part of a package subscription service. In the first case, the average price from R. 100, the second from 2700 rubles. per year for the package.