You will need
  • - orders forms (forms T-6 and T-8);
  • - application forms;
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • - the form of the notes-calculation.
If you wish to use entitlement leave before dismissal the employee should make a statement about the termination of the employment contract, stating the actual date of dismissal. Employee writes another statement. It is prescribed please obtain a vacation. Specialist indicates the number of entitlement days. Both statements are submitted to the Director. A Manager considers a request by the employee.
In accordance with the legislation of holiday with the subsequent dismissal can take employees who terminate employment relationships at their own request or agreement of the parties. At dismissal through the fault of the technician to take a vacation prior to the termination of the contract is not permitted.
Make a order of dismissal. Use form T-8. Write in order of the date of termination of the employment relationship with the employee. Upon receiving the leaveand subsequent dismissal , specify the last day of vacation. Familiarize the employee with the order on receipt.
Then a worker to complete the note-calculation. Use form T-61. On the basis of the note by the accountants calculated the number of days relying on vacation. Make a order of vacatione in form T-6. Specify a number of days of rest. Sign the document signed by the Director. Acquaint on receipt the worker with the order.
Grant money for vacation three days before the actual holiday. To make an entry in the work book and give its owner will have day release, but not prematurely. Failure of the specialist to personally appear in the main document of proof of employment to the place of residence of the employee, send notice of the possibility of sending the work book in the mail. Get the written consent of the employee. Send the owner a registered letter.