The designs of modern mask for diving consist of three parts: a rigid rim protecting the lenses from breakage, soft silicone housing, ensuring tightness, and adjustable fastening strap. Choosing a mask in the store first, just attach it to the person not wearing the strap. Breathe in with your nose. If the mask of the village is fine and suits you, it will stick to the face and will hold on even without the strap.
Now consider it in more detail. The seals – silicone bezel should be soft enough not to RUB and not to irritate the delicate skin of the face. Color soft case is also important. Professional divers and underwater hunters prefer a black opaque material. The angle of view is narrowed, but the lenses are not glare. In that case, when you buy a mask for a leisurely stroll underwater, select the body color according to their preferences, the quality of the mask is not affected.
For someone who is going to dive to a depth of more compact fit of the mask a mask spaces between the lenses and face. The lifting force in such a small mask and it will not pull you to the surface when submerged. Choose a mask in which the figure is in the range of 300 cubic mm.
Novice divers for the first dive suit mask monasticon. More reliable was the one with the two panes of glass. It is used for deep diving. In sale there are masks with corrective glasses, in this case to find the appropriate diopter you can together with the seller-consultant.
The tightness of the mask depends on how reliable and convenient it will be mounted on the head. Mounting strap allows you to adjust the degree of tightness of the seals to the face. It needs to be equipped with swivel buckles and a special neoprene attachment to long hair is not cut off when you remove the mask.