You will need
  • browser;
  • account in the network "Vkontakte".
To be able to remove completely or partially the photo that you uploaded to one of your albums, login to your account. Open it in browser tab page of the network "Vkontakte" and specify the username and password in the form fields to login.
The pictures uploaded on the wall of your profile via the option "Attach" available when creating a status message, you can remove it from the wall way that removed any posts. Click on the x that appears when you hover the cursor on the upper right part of the unnecessary post.
The loaded wall, deleting a post will only disappear from the wall. To completely get rid of the unwanted photos, you will have to remove it from the automatically generated album, "Pictures on my wall". To do this, click on the option "My photos" on the left side of the browser window.
In the opened window select album "Photos on my wall" by clicking on its cover. Use the option "Edit album" click the link in the upper right corner of the page. Select the shots you are going to remove, and click the "Delete" link, which you can see under the right side of the field to describe the pictures. In the automatically created albums like "Pictures on my wall" there is no option to delete the album, but if you erase all the pictures in this album will disappear from the list on the page "My photos".
Another album that you can't remove one option is called "pictures of me" and consists of images on which you marked. To get rid of this album, open its contents, click on the cover to view all photos and delete each of them a mark of your presence. To do this, click the x to the right of your username "Vkontakte", which is under the.
The pictures uploaded on any other album, can be removed simultaneously. To do this, go to edit mode of the album and use the option "Delete album", which it is easy to see under the top picture represents the cover of this set of photos.
If you are going to delete all the pictures, open the album in which photo in edit mode and click on the "Delete" link to the right of the selected image. Proradio the album contents, click on the "Save changes".
Option to delete images is available in view mode. If you do not exactly remember what album are the photos that you want to remove from the page, use the option "Browse photos". Click on the icon unnecessary picture and apply the "Remove" option at the bottom right of the window view photos.