Options install drivers

Option one: you have a disk that were included with the package (or the image recorded on the disc). Most of these drives have very simple interface and the function of the Express driver installation. Choose this option, and the computer will do all the work (in the process of installing it most likely will restart multiple times, this is normal). If no error during Express installation was not that successful.

Option two: go to the link http://www.hp.ru/support/drivers/ to official HP website and specify the model of your laptop (in the case of a failed Express installation driver disk too, will have to use this option). On the website you will be prompted to check for updates or to specify the version of the operating system. Since you have nothing to check for updates, choose your OS and press "Next". Will open almost on the same page, but below is a list of drivers for your laptop. In addition to these there are likely to be and special utility programs, but it's better not to download them if you don't know their purpose. In any case, first click on the line that starts with the word "Driver".

Manual installation

The necessary drivers for the chipset (chipset, MEI Smart Connect Technology, etc.), then for graphics. Keep in mind that before installing the driver for the graphics from Intel and NVIDIA. Other drivers are also better to install, but they already need for your convenience only, so they are placed last.

As the most popular OS at the moment – Windows 7, that further examines the process for example. So first open the device Manager by right-clicking on the icon "Computer", then click on "Properties" and "device Manager". Find equipment marked with "Attention!" (yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the middle) and open it. In the window "Properties" select the tab "Driver" and click "Uninstall". Some time (from few seconds to several minutes) will occur if you uninstall the driver, then you may be prompted to restart, yet refuse.

Click "scan for hardware changes" in device Manager. Wait until the laptop is check all your hardware. Then the system will open the installation wizard for new hardware. Select "Perform driver search on this computer", and then specify the folder with the downloaded drivers. The system will automatically choose and install the right driver. After that you must restart the system.