Log in as the user on the website. Next, go to the admin panel. While updating website you need to turn off access to it so that users did not load the server. In such cases there are often different issues. However, it should be noted that the website needs to be available for users only in case if you are updating any modules on the project, modify the internal page code, search engine optimization, etc.
Updating of information can occur and easy posting of articles. To do this, you can leave the portal enabled, because any of the factors do not affect the work. Create a new page, which will contain all your material. Try to share all the articles and brief information and detailed. Brief articles should be displayed on the main page, and already detailed the material will be available by clicking on the "More"button.
When updating do not forget about the fact that all content must be unique, because search engines are sent to the banks projects that you copy someone else's information from other sites. The author of this material may be suing you and your project to the court. Try to use pictures that are next to the article. It gives a beautiful view when making new material. Also, the search engines will have more pages indexed.
When a large volume of updated information, use ftp managers, as the standard of the hosting system often fail. One of the most common programs is utility File melna / Balta. You can find on the Internet. Install the computer in the system local disk. The desktop icon appears, with which you can run this program.