Contact your lawyer to help you, at least from a legal point of view, competently make a claim. If necessary, immediately apply, and the claim for division of property. Be sure to raise the question about the alimony and about who the children will live.
Pay legal costs to your application has been accepted for consideration. The fee in this case is 1 of the minimum wage.
A month after the filing of the complaint will be a meeting of the court. You will be notified by sending by post a summons. At the meeting you will ask questions about what was the cause of discord in the family, who is to blame, is there any way of reconciliation. Based on your responses, the court will make a decision about divorce or granting of time to think.
If you also filed lawsuits about the establishment of maintenance obligations and division of property, would be considered and these issues. Although the agreement on the division of property and setting alimony, you can make yourself. Then the court will approve them if they are to infringe upon the interests of one party, leaving all without making changes or their amendments described to you.
To set the amount of alimony, the court must submit the income certificate of one of the spouses, who will have to take on these responsibilities. If you are, for example, leave to care for a child or during the marriage did not work, leading the household, the session can be understood by the child support for your own content.
When the court will hear the case, they will be made a decision – to dissolve the marriage, to refuse satisfaction of claim requirements or to postpone the judicial proceedings and fix a time-limit for reconciliation of the spouses.
An hour after the end of the hearing, the court will acquaint you with his decision. If the marriage was decided to be terminated after the entry of decision into legal force in ten days – the court sends to the Registrar the resolution. On its basis, will prepare and issue you with a certificate of dissolution of marriage. If the decision of the court you do not agree, during the ten days can file a claim for its cancellation and re-examination of your case.
To obtain a document of divorce to the Registrar, give the court's decision, as well as your passport. Each of the former spouses will receive their certificate of divorce or the place of residence or the place of registration of marriage.