Such a situation in the family can be called a stalemate — on the one hand women can't get divorced with a drinking husband, as it is against family units that have been punched in the head in childhood. On the other hand, have to live with a changed person, daily subjected to violence, it becomes unbearable.

What to do

A definite answer to this question you will not be able to give one. If you still love your wife, can't imagine life without him and want at all costs to regain its former appearance, you can seek the help of specialists, coding or treating alcoholics. Of course, your other half will be against this development, so you will have to act in secret. If your husband can still soberly assess the situation, try to seriously talk to him – some men after these conversations all come from the mind and stop drinking without the help of doctors or psychologists.

During a serious conversation try to find out the cause of the constant consumption of alcohol. Some of the most common causes of male alcoholism are problems at work and family problems. If he had trouble at work, support him, not accusing him of inconsistency and incompetence (the latter can cause the opposite effect). In identifying the causes in the family, for example, if you were often to blame and accuse a spouse, you will have to adjust their behavior and attitude. Of course, at first it will be very difficult, but still worth to try.

Divorce as a way out

If you know that any sort of discussion, coding and other methods of dealing with alcoholism in the family are not working, consider a divorce. Despite the opinion of the society "a Better husband, than no", sometimes it is better to end the relationship with a man who can not take myself in hand and get rid of this addiction. This is especially true if you have children – imagine your example to the child when he every day sees a drunken father, raising a hand to his wife. If you are afraid that without the husband-the alcoholic you will not be able to educate, clothe, Shoe and feed their children, it is not. In most cases, women after divorce begin to live for the sake of the children, trying to provide them with everything necessary to get directly involved in their upbringing and good education.

Life after divorce

It is not necessary to think that life after divorce is over, it's not. If you set yourself to the best, you can be sure you will find a man who will love you for who you are, who will take care of you and your children. The main thing – to believe in yourself and a bright future.