You will need
  • - refreshments;
  • - beverages
  • - disposable dishes and utensils.
Check in advance, as they celebrate the holidays in your team. Is it allowed to drink alcohol, whether it is possible to organize a small buffet in the office or you will have to use the dining room. Ask, do I have to notify all of your colleagues or better to limit the compliments of the employees of his Department. If you're new to the company, ask appropriate questions to the staff Manager or just the veteran of the team.
Define the rules for the future holiday. For example, you can invite colleagues to drink with you tea during an afternoon break or to plan get-togethers after the working day. Special cultural programs office do not include holidays, but you can take care of unobtrusive musical accompaniment.
Consider the menu a little festive buffet. The best option – the canapés as a snack, convenient sliced fruits and vegetables and a dessert. Sandwiches make small and low, the vegetables are cut smaller pieces. Buy special skewers that are easy to take canapés and vegetable slicing. Don't forget disposable plates, cups and forks.
For dessert, the serve cakes and biscuits. Summer is the best sweet version of ice cream. Buy mineral water, tonic water and a couple kinds of juice. If you plan to bring alcohol, prefer wine. For lovers of spirits can fall a small bottle of cognac or whiskey. Champagne on office holidays file is not accepted, as well as vodka. But you can mix cocktails – it will be a very interesting solution, especially if your office has a refrigerator with the ice supply.
The day before the celebrations remind people that you definitely want to see at the festival, the time of the meeting. Then you will be able to count on a small but pleasant surprises. Be ready to buy and those who will visit without an invitation. You don't have to dump to feed those present, however, the supply of food is to be adjusted so that a sandwich or cake and a glass of juice was guaranteed to everyone.
Ensure colleagues are not missed. Make conversation, tell a few jokes. If you were presented with a gift from the team, say thank you, saying little a warm speech.
Do not tighten the occasion. If you are going in working time, the celebration should not take more than an hour. In the evening you can linger a little longer. However, don't linger in the office until late evening.
After a celebration make sure to remove the scraps. Do not discard leftover food and packaging from the products in the paper bin. Pack all waste, bottles and used disposable dishes in plastic bags and throw them in the trash. Wipe tables and wash the Cutlery and dishes borrowed in the office.