The smell of citrus like most people and unpleasant for most dogs. If you want to discourage the dog from some place, where you spend a lot of time, it is best to use oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines and grapefruits. You can put sliced fruit or scraped away from the skin, and can also use a freshener with the corresponding odor. Note, however, that the scent from dogs is much thinner than in humans. Optional to decorate the bed or the nursery of the tropical mountains of gifts, it will be enough pairs of fruit. Four-legged friend give up trying to penetrate the forbidden territory, and you can enjoy the pleasant aroma.


But the smell of the pepper acts repulsive on many representatives of the animal world. However, use it to scare away dogs very comfortable, but this should be done exclusively on the streets to themselves not to suffer from cough and pains in the eyes. Paprika will be most effective, but in the absence of it, you can use black and white. Simply pour a small amount of crushed powder around the perimeter of the fence or along the beds to protect their territory, and don't forget to update a makeshift defense after a rain. Dogs will bypass the territory of the party.


To scare away dogs suitable alcohol, like ammonia, and ethyl. Soak in liquid a few rags, tampons or cotton pads and place around the place where you want to close access to the animal. Unpleasant for the dog smell will persist even after the material dries. If you in this way prevent access of the dog to the garden beds, make sure that alcohol is not in contact with soil – such neighborhood may have a negative effect on plants.

Away from my garden!

There are special tools on scent, scaring the dogs. In English-speaking countries this line is presented under the telling title "Away from my garden", in Russia it is known as "Antigadin". In the shop you can buy the powder, gel and spray that will discourage the dog to go hunting in the handled place. The package indicates the period during which the operating tool, after which you must upgrade it. The advantage is that "Antigadin" resistant to water, and you will not have after every rain a new application of the drug.