The first step in getting rid of the fear of dogs will overcome you after to determine the cause of its occurrence. If you don't understand, why are you afraid, try to mentally return to the past and remember how it all began. Perhaps the roots of the problem lie in childhood. But since then much time has passed. Realize that you have changed and become stronger and more confident.
Try to understand what you fear. Think about the reason for aggressive dog behavior. In many cases, she barks because he feels the danger from the person and trying to defend himself. She has no reason to trust you, because people often treat their "brothers smaller". Understand and have pity on the animal.
Find more information about dogs - books, which describe the behavior of dogs, examines their character, training methods, etc., movies about dogs and their participation. It will also help you to understand them and stop being afraid.
Watch the action of the dogs from a distance, for example, from the window of his house. Usually they do not care about humans if he draws them from some wrong actions. Pay attention to how you behave with them people. Maybe I should go to the dog lovers club or to meet the man who has this pet. Try to walk with them, and you, first, will hear many interesting stories about the dog from its owner and, second, meet with her and she with you, and after some time even can pet her.
If you have the opportunity, get yourself a puppy. Of course, we can hardly look for his pet, a large and aggressive breed of bulldog or Staffordshire Terrier. But the friendly Labradors and Dalmatians or smart shepherd will help you to change your mind about dogs.
If you have got in the way dogs should not be running away from them or lovenet. Try to suppress the feeling of panic, continue to go, in any case, do not run away from them and not show your fear. You will see that you only bark, but not attack. In that case, if you feel the aggression of the dog can lean to the ground, pretending to be something you raise. Animals understand that such a stone or stick and have to run out from you, and you will feel its power. In extreme cases, if you live in an area where a lot of stray dogs, buy yourself a Taser. Most likely, you won't have to use it. But fear you just cease.
If the fear never leaves you, you can always go to a psychologist or therapist who will help you to understand the problem and will provide a lot of professional advice about how to overcome this negative feeling.