The initiation of criminal proceedings is the prerogative of the investigating authorities, however, as one of the grounds for appropriate action is the request of any citizen, which reported about the crime or wrongful act. Therefore, to initiate a criminal case of fraud by completing and filing such statements. While criminal procedural legislation allows to apply in oral or written form, but it is better to stick to the latter method, which allows direct registering of the appeal. In addition, you should avoid anonymous calls to the police because such statements are not the basis for excitation of Affairs.

What to specify in the statement of offense?

The statement about a crime the citizen should indicate personal data, as well as a detailed explanation of all circumstances known to him concerning fraudulent acts. The statement should follow the official-business style, simply indicate the place, time, circumstances of the offence, description of criminals, the size of the damage, possible witnesses and other evidence. If necessary, all additional information will be identified by the investigator during the oral interview with the applicant. On the adoption of a written application to the citizen is given a special pass stating the time, date, number of materials, the name adopted treatment official. After that, the investigating authorities shall have three days to check the applications, after which there must be a procedural decision.

How is the statement about the crime?

After submission to law enforcement for fraud investigators are checking the circulation, the purpose of which is the confirmation or refutation of the above appeal in the circumstances. At this stage of criminal proceedings does not exist, but you need to determine if there were any signs of a crime. To this end, the investigator or the investigator can obtain oral and written explanations, to make official inquiries, to make an examination, and take other actions permitted by law prior to the adoption of the relevant decision. If in the process of a three-day inspection will be found the signs of a crime, the decision on excitation of criminal case, which is to make the appropriate decision.