If a savings book belongs to you, come with her passport to the nearest branch of Sberbank. Inform the teller that you want to put on the owner money. Keep in mind that replenishment may not on all accounts. For example, you cannot put money in the savings account linked to the Deposit without the possibility of any new funds.
After the paperwork from the teller go to the Bank and pay the required money. For the new books you will not be charged a fee.
Fund your account, which is tied to a savings account through ATM with cash-in. This is usually faster than recharge through the till. These ATMs are located within Bank branches, as well as in some shopping centers and subway stations. To refill you will need to have a plastic card linked to the same account as the savings account. Insert the card into the ATM, enter the verification code, and then select Deposit as the desired operation. Don't forget to pick up the check and save it until then, until the money is credited to your account.
If you want to fill the book of a stranger, find out the number of his Bank account and the correspondent account of Sberbank. With this data, do a transfer through your Bank came to his office in person or over the Internet if your financial institution there is a technical possibility. Please note that you will have to pay a fee for transfer of funds.