The muscles of the face are strengthened with special exercises. The most important thing in exercise is consistency. To achieve a stable result, you must do them daily. It will help tighten up the face better than the expensive creams and keep a young and fresh look what plastic surgery can not give. Before beginning gymnastics, you must wash off all makeup.
Often the first wrinkles appear around the eyes, so it's important to pay attention to the strengthening of the muscles in this area. For this you need to do the following exercise. Index finger position in the outer corners of the eyes, and the middle – in the inside, press (pressure should not be strong). Look up, bringing the eyes as much as possible. It is necessary strongly to squint, straining the lower eyelid. Hold the tension for a few seconds, then relax your muscles. You must repeat 4-5 times.
To strengthen the muscles of the cheeks useful the following exercise. Place the index fingers under the eye sockets. Expand and lift the corners of her mouth, as if smiling. At this point, you should feel how tense under his fingers the muscles of the cheeks. Lower the corners of the lips and relax the face. Repeat the exercise about 20 times.
To tone the muscles of the face do this exercise. Slowly say the letter "a", "o", "u", "s", with much pulling or stretching lips and straining muscles of the face, as if you want to clearly pronounce the letters.
To prevent the "second" chin and strengthen neck muscles necessary to do the following exercise. Place palms together and place them on the neck near the collarbone, while lightly grasping and pulling down the skin of the neck (not much). Squeeze the lips and slightly bend your head back. At this point, you should feel how tense the muscles of the neck and chin. Hold the head in this position for three seconds and return to starting position. Repeat 25-30 times.It is important that every time you exercise, you could feel the tension in the trained muscle, or the exercises simply no effect.