You will need
  • -computer or laptop;
  • -graphic editor
All graphics found on the Internet - either raster or vector. The main difference between them is the display method on the screen. Raster and vector images have different formats and size. The latter has several advantages: the ability to resize without loss of quality, ease of making changes, quick creation of drawings. Unlike raster graphics, vector pixels and resolution are not of great significance.
Editors vector graphics use simple objects to create complex, where a basis of primitives - lines, circles, squares, ellipses, etc. the bottom line is to place dots in different places on the screen that are connected by contours and, if necessary, be filled. For example, to create a red square, draw four dots at the right distance, connect them and fill in red.
For vector graphics used editors, as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Freehand, Paint Shop Pro (Corel product). To save a vector image using several formats, the most universal of which is EPS. Drawing in this format can be opened in Adobe Illustrator, and Corel, and Macromedia FreeHand, and other programs.
To create a vector image, choose one of the above image editors and install it on your computer. Before that find out the program requirements to the characteristics of the computer, in particular memory. Check the toolbar of the graphical editor, its buttons. Practice drawing lines by creating points and connecting them using the guides. Try to form shapes, paint them. Learn the tools to create AutoShapes. Then try to draw a three-dimensional image. With a little practice, you can create quite complex drawings.